Long Term Care

Long term care insurance is a great solution. It’s really part of a defensive asset protection strategy. The choice is simple: you can pay for long term care in the future by drawing down and depleting your investments (and potentially your children’s) or you can purchase long term care insurance now and let the insurance company carry the financial risk. As an example, today’s cost of private care can easily exceed $5,000 per month. That’s more than $60,000 per year after tax. Now imagine the impact of being sick for many years. How many people can shoulder that kind of financial hit? Getting a retirement plan in place that includes long term care insurance simply makes good financial sense.

Won’t the government or my employee benefit plan cover long term care costs?

Many people believe that provincial health care plans fully cover long term care, or that their employee benefit plans include long term care coverage. They’re surprised when they learn that government programs are not comprehensive and Canadians have to pay for much of their care. And few employee benefit packages cover long term care.

The costs for long term care, whether in your home or in a facility, can be high. How would you pay for the care you need; the quality of care you deserve?

• Use your savings or retirement income?
• Use what you have set aside as an inheritance for your loved ones?
• Use the equity in your home?
• Depend on your family?

These are options, but there is a better way. LivingCare long term care insurance. It allows you to take control of your future. Today.