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Travel Insurance

Our visitor insurance plans offer emergency medical coverage to visitors, immigrants, foreign students and Canadians without government health insurance.

Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance is Right for You if:

You are a tourist planning to travel to Canada for up to a year. You have moved to Canada and are awaiting coverage under a provincial health insurance plan.

You will be working in Canada on a temporary basis.

Travel Insurance covers:

• Emergency medical
• Trip cancellation and interruption
• Loss/damage of baggage and personal effects
• Baggage delay
• Flight and travel accident coverage

Visitors to Canada:

This plan provides Travel Accident insurance coverage of the eligible emergency medical expenses that you incur while visiting Canada, and that exceed the benefits of your government health insurance and other coverage. It also provides coverage for side-trips outside Canada. This essential coverage comes with a full range of benefits including the round-the-clock services of Assured Assistance Inc., and direct payment of eligible medical expenses whenever possible.